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Batteries & Chargers

As the trusted expert in portable power technology, GTS is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to power your portable devices. Our team of expert engineers partner with leading device manufacturers to develop custom power technologies for the next generation of portable devices.


  • The highest quality and reliability power solutions

  • Global manufacturing excellence

  • Expert engineering and design support

  • Advanced custom battery and charger solutions

  • Portable energy support from design through recycling

  • Best cell supply chain for high quality and performance

  • Environmental testing and regulatory experience

  • Low cost, quality tooling for plastics, metal, PCB and other product components

  • Understand battery and charger systems for optimum safety, performance and

    technical advantages

Our engineers can develop any type of solution to meet your unique portable power needs. Whether your batteries need to power through extra shifts or endure extreme conditions, there is no challenge too great for us to solve. With reliable, long-lasting power behind your devices, you can keep your customers happy and stay a step ahead of the competition.