The Thermoforming Process:

-Concept or Working part.
All submissions come to is in many forms, it could be a conceptual idea or
someone has an existing part they want to improve. We would work with them to
understand how this part works in your system.
Promark Electronics brings the concept to an engineering team that will work with a CAD drawing or sketch of the idea to start the quoting process.
Once we have the design complete and the material selected, we can then produce
a quote based on production needs. This quote will include a tooling (Mold)
-3D Part Data
Before tooling fabrication can start, 3D data is generated for accuracy.
-3D Mold Design
A thermoforming mold is designed to provide the best material distribution for
the actual part’s specific geometry.
-Production Mold
A production, temperature controlled mold is created and actual samples are
-Thermoformed and CNC Trimmed Product
Dimensionally repeatable product is then produced and trimmed in required
-Finished Product
Proper design and material selection allow us to provide consistent products,
delivered on time and fairly priced.


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